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"Philly born rap artist with the gift to speak eloquently across rhythm and beats"

- Body Parts, COC, LLC

(Jabari Bolden) J S.o.L which stands for "Jabari's Songs of Life" aka R80_o (pronounced radio) was born in Washington, D.C. but raised covertly by his grandmother in Philadelphia; with the gift of elevated thought and awareness which naturally brought him into the genre of music.  He honed his craft through many hardships and setbacks, such as his abusive childhood and house-hopping for stability as a latch-key kid while traveling between two cities. This remarkable music artist was bred from a broken home of musically inclined parents. His mother was an aspiring singer turned camera woman and his father was a 
guitar player/communications technician. Jabari
 adopted the talent and versatility to combine elements from a diversity of musical genres and life of disarray with his own unique lyrical expression, creating unforgettable songs and performances. Early on as a child he noticed his love of poetry and acting. Sparking his interests to enter into various contests and talent shows where he found his perception and flare. In the late 80s his first song "Love Supreme" was performed under the stage name Jeana'te Jr in elementary school, as an understudy to the Hip-Hop group "5 Bros with ugly Clothes" which ignited his insatiable desire to entertain and share his story. Unbeknownst to J S.o.L he was indirectly connected to the Stick Up Kids (S.U.Ks) rap group the originators of C.O.C. As a teenager he was also known as the rapper "Darknus" spawned from troublsome transitions in school. However he graduated with a certification in Theatre/Architecture with his class in 1997. Unfortunately during that summer he was incarcerated. After a brief prison stint he was reintroduced to Champs over Challengers (C.O.C) aka Choppy's House of Music Beats and Art (CHOMBAA) in 2002. The age of the "home studio" and beat-making was in total flux. Through various associates J S.o.L met Day aka "Choppy Chop". This brotherhood of like-minds began to create compositions of awareness. J S.o.L tirelessly poured his soul (S.o.L) on top of the producers musical masterpieces. His first album " A S.o.L Just Born" which never debuted got notoriety in various local venues. His Sophmore album "Endless Work" is projected to be released in the fall. To learn more about J S.o.L (aka R80_o) visit, or follow CHOMBAA on Facebook at 

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